My 1st doTERRA Experience

 In Design

When a dear friend first introduced me to doTERRA Essential Oils, I was like everyone else—skeptical. She told me how her family was benefitting from these natural products. I listened patiently to her, and patted her shoulder while uttering the words “so glad they are helping you.”

This was her job, so when we got together, we talked about things happening in our lives: our children, our families, and our jobs. I listened attentively as she told of the “aha” moments she had with essential oils.

Then it happened! We had a health concern in our family. I knew I needed to call her. She showed up at our home armed with her essential oils. “Rub this here.” “Breathe this in.” Within a short amount of time, we had our “aha” moment.

Since then, we have had numerous “aha” moments. We use doTERRA Essential Oils for many health concerns. They are our first go-to when we start to feel under the weather, when we have seasonal issues, when we are stressed, when we get a bug bite or a bee sting…I could go on, but you get my drift. These essential oils have replaced what we used to use. I feel great knowing that I have an all natural way to help my family at home. There is no going back!